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  1. Very scary !!! I am glad that I only collect non sensitive information.
  2. Hi Gazumped Thanks for your reply But, I am not sure what I should understand: "you should be able to renew from your online account after logging in here -" Of course I know where to login for renewal : This is the link where I see the $59.99 fee (US) However, when I login with my other (free account) I get the same screens, but with $24.99 fee (US) What a discrepancy. Should I transfer all my notebooks or would it be only a one year shot ? May I know what US customer pay for the Premium ? (I have no way to find out) Thanks
  3. I am a Canadian user of Premium for a year. It is now time to renew my subscription: $59.99 (I was also frustrated about the unannounced increase !) I also own a free account where Evernote offers me a yearly subscription at $24.99 a year. Nothing is said about introductory price or anything like that. Are there 2 prices, or is it a 2nd account price... or is it just a strategy to get new clients ?
  4. Please add my voice too. This "work chat" feature is very very annoying and unproductive. I am seriously thinking of leaving Evernote. Besides the interface that is now very drab, the work chat feature if a pain. I was able to hide the button (right click-it and hide it from the tool-bar in Mac) but the problem remains with sharing files. Very serious problem already described: -Very lenghty process (about an hour before the notification is received by my clients) -Totally confusing for new clients. It develops an unprofessional approach (the "invitation" focuses mainly on chatting - I look like I am proposing a single-dating invitation) It worked well before. Why not keep things simple and remove this functionality !
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