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  1. Hmm... I'm on 6.0.5 and not seeing the latest version in the App Store.
  2. @gazumped: thanks for the suggestion. Hadn't tried that, but will give it a shot on one or two. @JMichael: Didn't know that about Premium so will head over there and see what they have to say. Actually, went to the web client and was able to un-share there, and confirmed that the changes trickled down to the Mac client. Good suggestion.
  3. One important detail I forgot to note: I was the one that created this note (and all the notes in question that I am trying to change permissions on), and added the four individuals to the note (I shared it with them).
  4. I have a note that I share with four people. At the top of the note it indicates "You are editing a note that is shared with 4 people". I can click on the "4 people" hyperlink and see the individuals that are sharing the note (screenshot attached). Ultimately, I am trying to change who I am sharing this note with. However, when I go to Permissions, I get an error message: "Can't open permissions. Nothing to see here! Permissions control view and edit access for shared notes, but this note isn't shared with anyone". It's shared, but I can't remove the people that it's shared with because it doesn't recognize the note as being shared. And I have confirmed with the four individuals that it is shared with that they are seeing the updates to the note, so they definitely are sharing the note. All I want to do is remove all sharing from this (and other) notes but it is not recognizing that the notes are shared. This is happening with all of my shared notes, unfortunately. Ever since this "Work Chat" feature was implemented, this has been broken. Very frustrating.
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