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  1. Thanks DGW, that works! Adds one extra step compared to other apps but I’m still happy to see it’s possible. Cheers
  2. Hi all, I’m on an iPad Pro running iOS 11, but in splitscreen mode I’m not able to drag and drop text directly into Evernote. Has this been addressed, and are there plans to implement this in a future update? It seems like a nobrainer for a note taking app to enable this feature. Have a good one Elke
  3. Hi there, forgive me if this has been discussed already. I'm loving your app so far but one important function seems to be missing. Is there a way to place a pin on your map and then go into Evernote to choose an existing note to attach to the pin? Very few of my existing Evernote notes are geo-tagged so I'd love a quick and easy way to do this inside your app, rather than going into Evernote and retroactively geo-tagging all my previous notes. Thanks for your time!
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