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  1. I realize I'm late to this conversation, but I have Evernote PLUS, not premium. I finally figured out how to turn it on without a premium account: in settings, go to general, then passcode lock, then turn on passcode lock, and switch the toggle to "on" for unlock with touch id.
  2. I just noticed that I have been receiving a bunch of charges on my iTunes account for files I have saved from the web into Evernote. One was $8.43!! Does anyone know why I am being charged? I have Evernote Plus.
  3. Thank you Wordsgood. I am a new Evernote user, so it is likely that when I opened evernote on my phone, I did not manually sync. I will do that next time for sure. Hopefully someday I can afford to upgrade to premium!
  4. Hmmm...I looked at my settings both under "general" and for evernote on the iphone, and I did not see a place where you can determine wifi only syncronization. I did not alter the list in the store, only opened the note. However, since I tried it here at home, with wifi on, and it still had a conflict, I don't think that's the case. I'll check out Wunderlist, thank you!
  5. I read the other posts on this topic, but I am still having trouble. I just need to understand how the syncing works, because it doesn't seem to be working for me, or I am just not understanding a timing thing. Here is what occured: I created a list on evernote on my laptop. About an hour later, I added some items to the list. I hit the sync button. I left the house, went to the store, and opened Evernote on my cell phone. I noticed that the added items weren't on my note - only the original list. Fast forward to today: I opened my laptop Evernote, and that is where I saw my added list items, but they were located under the heading of "Conflicting Modification" for two different times. Since I hit the "sync" button before I opened the app on my cell phone, I should not have gotten this conflict. Any advice??
  6. Hi! I am new to both Expensify and Evernote. I linked my two accounts, and added receipts to my Expensify notebook in Evernote, but they are not showing up in Expensify. I have contacted the folks at Expensify, but have not received any help yet. Does anyone have any suggestions/help/suffered the same problem?
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