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  1. Is the `ZDATAHASH` column in the Evernote SQLite DB table `ZENNOTE` Base64? I ask because it looks like the only way I can export my notes, that are organized in stacks and sub-stacks, is to write a custom export tool that pulls the data from the Evernote SQLite DB directly and keeps the stack structure. I must maintain the stack hierarchy when exporting my notes, otherwise my notes would be in such disarray, they would become useless. Thanks, Chris
  2. Hi Gock, I have a Marxico feature request I hope you will consider. I'd love to use Marxico to edit notes that already exist in Evernote. This would mean being able to sync existing notes into Marxico, so we could add markdown and save them back to Evernote. Thanks, Chris
  3. Thanks for your reply. So if I understand correctly, there's is no way to sync all my existing notes into Marxico, and I cannot edit exiting notes that were created with the Evernote UI, not with Marxico. Am I correct?
  4. Hi, Marxico looks pretty cool. I am using the Chrome desktop app and trying to sync with Evernote, but it's not working. Nothing happens, I don't get a list of my notes and I don't get any errors. Here's a link to a video that shows what I am doing and what's happening ... Thanks, Chris
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