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  1. That did it. I didn't realize that there was a downloadable version. The encrypted text feature seems to work great. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you again for your reply. I have carefully followed the instructions for encrypting text in the free version (basically, right click highlighted text and select "Encrypt Selected Text,") but this and other options that are suppose to appear when I right click do not appear for me. My only options are show in screen shot posted below http://bookpump.com/authorupload/EvernoteEncryption1a.jpg I wonder if there Is anywhere to report a bug?
  3. Thank you so much for your informative reply. In summary, it sounds like EN Desktop is required to encrypt text, which is the $5/month premium product, right? Once the text is encrypted in EN Desktop, do you know if it can it be unencrypted and read on a mobile device? (iPhone and iPad)
  4. I want to encrypt a note. I have 2 step verification, but when I right click on text, I don't see the Encrypting Selected Text option. I've tried loggin into my account with both Firefox and Chrome in Windows. Is this function only available to premium users? By the way, the help document below makes reference to a "passphrase" for which I don't recall any setup. Thanks, Jeff
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