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  1. Hi Gazumped, That was actually a fantastic suggestion, thank you!! Could I trouble you once more and ask if you knew of a list manager that has that folding ability which also supports photos and hyper links etc...? Something very similar but a little more dynamic? Thank you again Gazumped. I really appreciate your input!
  2. Hi there Gazumped. Thank you very much for your suggestion but I think it's not quite what i'm looking for. What I'm really wondering is of there is a collapsable in-note feature so that each item in a list could have more detailed information attached to it that would expand out with a click (or something of the sort.) I'm pretty sure Evernote does not have this ability but I'm asking the forum in hopes that people who are more experienced with this software can tell me whether or not what I'm looking for is possible.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new to Evernote and I was wondering if there was a way to add additional information to items my notes that are lists without cluttering the look of the list. I know you can add as much as you like to a list including photos, links, and long form text, and that a more simplified version of what I am describing could be achieved by insetting bullet points under the primary list items with the additional information, pics, or links -- But I make a lot of lists and some of them are quite long and complex, so I was wondering if there is a collapsable version of this that would keep the list looking more streamlined and as a result easier to brows through and manage. I will give two short examples to further illustrate what I mean as I realize I may not be explaining it well. Say I have a very long list of movies I love, and with each movie I want to include a brief summary and my personal thoughts. I wouldn't really want to clutter it by having the descriptions and my thoughts (which could be lengthy) initially visible under each primary list item. Is there a way to have sub-notes (I don't quite know what to call it) which, by clicking on any given movie would expand out? Say I went on a vacation and made a list of all the cool places I went to and all the great restaurants I ate at. In this list I would want to include pictures for reference but if I included pictures under every item the list would look very bulky and become unwieldy. Is there a way to expand and contract the photos attached to specific list items so that they are not initially visible and the list can appear stream-lined?Thank you so much for your help and thoughts!
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