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  1. Got my notebooks back! The notebook owner re-shared them via work chat and then I was able to access the notebooks again. Phew.
  2. I'm missing several joined notebooks. The problem seems to occur when I move a note from one joined notebook to another using the Mac client. When I try to move the note, the notebook that I'm moving the note into disappears from all Evernote clients that I use. This seems to be a recent bug that started with the latest Evernote update. I opened a ticket (931616) as well but any help would be appreciated. I've tried searching for the notes that are in the missing notebooks (no luck), and I asked the notebook owner to check to ensure I was still listed as having access (I am). I've also tried re-updating my Mac client (no luck). I'm on Mac OS X (Mavericks 10.9.5) and my Mac client version is 6.0.5. Thanks for any help/ideas! (ETA - also checked trash, the missing notebooks weren't there either.)
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