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  1. Today is the day!!! Another update with bugfixes .... Let's hope that the latest version doesn't crash, this alone will make me happy.
  2. I guess, this is the official forum from Evernote. It is interesting that there are no comments coming from the programmers side. Here are several disappointed customers, even when the basic program is for free, customers with big problems with this product and nothing happens. I'm close to quit all Evernote products and looking for another daily tool, and I'm sure, that a silent majority is doing the same. So why you don't comment your decisions for the modification and give an outlook when the problems are solved. The most important issue from my side is the stability of the program. I lost
  3. I loved Penultimate .... until this f.... update. What the hell are they thinking? The program crashes every day multiple, the writing is *****, it was ok until perfect at the old version, but now I move the magnifier with the finger, the automatic movement doesn't work properly. But the biggest issue is the stability of the program! I want the old version back! I never ever hat a crash! I never lost data. Today I wrote and it crashed by closing the note. Phantastic, great job Penultimate! Could you please give me a reason why I should switch to the premium account???? Greetz
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