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  1. It's working now. I needed to shut down my phone and restart it. I usually only let it sleep, so I guess it's a good idea to shut down all the way from time to time. Thanks for the input!
  2. I'm on iOS 10.1.1 on an iPhone 7+. I'm not sure where to find which version of Evernote I'm using, but when it stopped working, I updated to the latest version and it still didn't work. What happens is I select Share to Evernote, I select the notebook and tags, then when I click the send button, it just spins forever. It never adds it. I have to just cancel and try again from my desktop if I remember.
  3. I have had this same problem. Has it been resolved? Updating to the latest Evernote has not helped.
  4. Evernote does not sync device to device. All syncing goes through the Evernote servers. So although I'm not familiar with Scannable, it's doubtful it is able to sync bypassing the Evernote servers. I was thinking more along the lines of how you can connect a SnapScan and set it up to scan directly to a local notebook, maybe there would be a way to do this with scannable using wifi. I realized I can use AirDrop to at least get the scan to my computer and bypass the Evernote servers, but then I still have to manually import it into my local Evernote notebook. I'm trying to reduce the number of steps to see if this will be practical.
  5. How can I use Scannable to scan to a local notebook over my local wifi instead of to the Evernote server? Is this possible?
  6. I agree. This is high on my wish list for Scannable.
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