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  1. I agree that a "Shared Notes" section would be nice, but I have a feeling that the Evernote people would rather us get the premium/corporate edition. Anyway, here's workaround that I've used: Create your own note titled something like, "Other's Shared Notes." Then, whenever someone shares a note with you: Open the shared note Go to Note > Copy Note Link Open your locally stored "Other's Shared Notes" and paste the link You can fine tune this in a couple of ways. You could have one large locally stored note with categorized lists of shared note links, or perhaps several locally stored notes that have links to a specific set of shared notes. Whatever goes along with your work flow. Using this method allows you to both search and access shared notes.
  2. I found this thread because I was searching for the possibility of using anchors to link to sections within a note... just wanted to cast my vote for the feature in case the development team is considering. Considering everything else EN does, it seems like a simple thing to implement. Until then, I guess I'll try scattering unique search terms across my longer notes.
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