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  1. Hi Hugo, Sorry to reply you so late. I want to know more details: are you using the enterprise type Evernote account? When others edit your shared note, can you see that note is listed at top(sorted by updated date) in your account? Allen Yes, i have an Enterprise account. I can give permissions for others to see or edit notes I've created. After a user with edit permission, changes one of my notes, that note is listed at the top in my account, but that note does not appear listed in mapclipper for the user. To make that note appear for the user, he has to move that note into a local notebook first. Only then, that note appears listed in mapclipper. After that, he moves the note again to the shared Notebook. This only happens with notes created by someone else. For instance, if you create a note and place it inside a shared notebook created by me, you won't be able to add a map using mapclipper because that note will never be listed. If you want I can setup a shared notebook for you to test. Send me a private msg with your Evernote e-mail.
  2. Hi, first of all, great additon to evernote! Congratulations for this "addon". I found an issue that you might not be aware of. When a notebook is shared with others users, even if they have edit permission, the last edited notes don't appear on mapclipper so they can't add the map to an existing note. Is this a bug? Regards Hugo
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