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  1. Been awhile, but I think the solution had something to do with caches being cleared each time I restarted the machine, which was once a day in the early morning. Sorry to be so vague. Stopped using Evernote when they went to the 2-device model for free accounts. Needed to cut a device, decided to cut Evernote, instead.
  2. Can't say when it started. Earlier this year, so one of the Yosemite updates, perhaps 10.10.2? It has been a very busy year, and I've been manually logging into Web Clipper for some time simply due to a lack of time to track down the cause. As for settings and extensions, I'm only running two extensions—Web Clipper and 1Password—and I've tried turning off 1Password to see it it could be the source of the problem. But nope, turning it off had no effect on Web Clipper's daily need for logging in. Is there some Safari setting that I might have inadvertently turned off/on that might case this Web Clipper issue? I've looked the settings over, but don't see anything off-hand that has changed.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for getting back to you so late. And you're right, I should have included the numbers Mac OS X 10.10.3 (14D131) Safari 8.0.5 (10600.5.17) Web Clipper 6.3.1 As for extensions in Safari, I'm only running Web Clipper and 1Password (which, unfortunately, can't directly fill in the requested Web Clipper log in info). I've turned off 1Password, reinstalled Safari Web Clipper a couple of times, and cleared website data a couple of times, but the next day, Web Clipper will ask for the login again. I've even deleted all references to Evernote in the Mac keychain. Anything else I can try? This log-in issue is starting to affect my use of Evernote. I now avoid using it in Safari unless I'm clipping a lot of different items just because signing into Web Clipper is such a pain.
  4. I use Evernote Web Clipper a few times a day to clip web pages. Recently, however, Web Clpper no longer remains logged in across Safari sessions. Every day, the first time I use it, I have to re-enter my log-in credentials. Since my credentials are not easy to remember, I have to open 1Password, search for Evernote, and copy and past the bits to the Web Clipper log-in window. It's really inconvenient, but I don't want to use shorter credentials. Is there anything that I can do to restore the previous behavior, which was for Web Clipper to stay logged in?
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