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  1. Yes the folder is in evernote (I put it there as an HTML) but I don't know how to make all the bookmarks get sorted... maybe I got the information wrong, maybe I would have to sort them all and put them in the appropriate notebooks myself... thanks again for your patience. ciao
  2. HI, I tried that, but it says that it does not work on that page. I tried to reload, but it still did not work... any clues? thanks
  3. Hi, since I barely started using clipper, would you mind being more specific? I open the file in a browser and then click on each entry? Thanks for your patience. ciao
  4. Hi, Thanks for answering. I am not clear if you can use Pocket to transfer all the old bookmarks to Evernote or not. I agree that the most used ones should be left with Chrome. Thanks again
  5. Hi, I am learning how to use Evernote. I also downloaded the extension for Chrome evernote clip. I wanted to transfer my bookmarks to it, but the app Booknote importer is no longer available at the Apple store. Did anyone figure out how to do it without such app? I managed to make an HTML file for the bookmarks but... I don't know what to do next. I did a bit of research trying to find a comparable app to Booknote, but found none (strange indeed). If anyone has successfully done this, well please help. Thanks very much
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