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  1. Ah, yes, always asking for "more!" Ha! That made me laugh! Well, maybe future versions of EN will do what Power Point can do. A person can always dream.... Thanks, Gentlemen, for your responses. I really appreciate it. SWIBMama
  2. Thanks so much for the response! Just to clarify, there isn't a way to have my screen split so that, for example, on the left side of my computer screen are my lecture notes, while on the right side of my screen is what is presented to the class? This would be analogous to using the "comment" bar in Pages for a document. I'm using Yosemite OS X. Thanks again.
  3. I'm trying to create a lecture using Evernote Presentation mode. I want to display a heading and some notes, but not all of the notes under that topic. The rest of the notes would be on my computer for me to refer to as I speak. Is it possible to do this? Conversely, is there a way to hide portions of my notes so only some of them display on the screen? (I use a Mac.) Thank you!
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