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  1. Marcus has my info with the output he requested. It's a fast 3 year old Air. 8MB ram and the i7 processor. I left it running from around 5PM when I left to run errands and grabbed dinner to 8PM when I got home. When I got back, it was still running hard. I killed the process, relaunched, and it seems fine for now. Hopefully you find what went on because I can imagine most users not seeing that as a good experience.
  2. I'm on a 2012 Macbook Air with 8GB RAM. I left it running and ran some errands. I did try killing it and relaunching it plus rebooting. It still ate up all the resources and the UI was unresponsive. I'll check when I get home.
  3. By "massive", do you mean cranking at 130% CPU with the Evernote app being entirely unusable? I've got 1300 notes and it's crushing my MacBook Air. Fine if it's just reindexing and will stop before long...
  4. A - I'm not sure why mine seems happy most of the time and I'm not asking questions to jinx it B - If you're online and your computer's non-responsive then use the browser client instead. It saves to the same cloud service and works just fine - minus keyboard shortcuts. C - Maybe it's also time for EN to consider partial rebates to premium customers with persistent issues.
  5. I'm on 6.0.6 and used it all day yesterday plus a good bit this morning. It DID help me. Big thanks to Marcus who uses his Twitter account!
  6. Mid 2012 Air with i7 and 8GB. Same issues. Yesterday I stopped using the app, typed meeting notes in Word, then pasted them into the Evernote Web client. If something happened to corrupt my local data and it has to be downloaded again then fine. If it's the client then that's not acceptable in a product.
  7. Exactly. I did the same thing earlier and had the exact same thought. Once I closed Evernote, my laptop worked great again. It was eating up an entire core as I typed. Then I went to the Evernote Web client in Safari since I was online. This worked out but I want it fixed. No way a note app should be this resource intensive. I'm not gaming for goodness sake.
  8. Same here. I'm very disappointed. I'm not even a decent typer and Evernote can't keep up, hammers the processor on my Air, and kills my battery. I thought it was my laptop going poorly with Yosemite but it's not! It's Evernote.
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