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  1. I was missing docs that I dropped in my import folder. Now I understand it is dished??? This is the most used tool for me. Bring it back ASAP please.
  2. Version 8.11 seems to work for me too. No problems so far. Happy that the problems are resolved, but could have been faster indeed.
  3. Thanks for the advise. I also installed version 8.8.1 and my problems are solved. First I was waiting for Evernote to fix it, but I am waiting for too long now.
  4. Yes I have exactly the same, since this weekend. I've got a Oneplus 5 with 8 GB ram 128 GB storage. It started with not being able to start a note or a picture using the + button, I deleted all + options and set it back. Now the text note is fine but for using the camera I have to wait for 30 seconds before it opens (first I just see an empty note). Opening any note starts with an empty note and then I have to wait 30 seconds (I timed it), before it opens. In the mean time I can't do anything; Evernote freezes. This is unworkable. They solved the search problem and now this. Getting a b
  5. I've got the same search problem on my oneplus 5. I had it some time ago and then it was solved. Now it's back again. I'll include a movie. Please help 2019_05_03_16_13_48.mp4
  6. I have got the same problem. When I scan a document the small picture in the corner is black (and also the final result). When I take a picture with the camera, the small picture is normal, but the final result is again a black picture. Phone: OnePlusOne, Android 6.0.1 Evernote 7.7.1
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