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  1. Technical support did some suggestions, but that didn't fix the problem. They can't help any further at this point. They suggested going back to legacy 8.13.3 version and so I did. I am happy to go back because I also had other problems. When I searched by label it only showed a few of the possible results??! When I search on a whole title, not all notes appear. Another weird thing is that my total number of notes in the desktop version does not match the web/android version. I synced many times. It's such a pity. I always loved Evernote, but I am experiencing more and more problems.
  2. No not yet, but technical support is looking at it now, so I'll wait before I do that.
  3. I just did. I have the following problems in my android app version 10.12 my most important notebook disappeared from the notebook overview When I want to move a note, one or more notebooks are locked When a open a note in one of the locked notebooks, the place where the name of the notebook should be is empty (so weird) So the Android app is pretty much useless at the moment
  4. For me it's worse. The notebooks stay locked. Now I can't use evernote. Which is terrible.
  5. I have noticed recently (I think after the Tasks update) that moving notes is different than before. When I move a note by mouse or ALT+SHIFT+M, some notebooks show a lock and I must wait before it turns from grey to black, like it needs to load, before I can move the note. Second thing is that I normally could move my cursor to the notebook and press enter to move it. Now I have to use my mouse. Click on the notebook and clik on move. This is very irritating if I want to move many notes from my inbox to other notebooks. Anyone the same problem or a fix?
  6. Hi, exactly the same is happening at my Evernote, after I installed the new Task feature this morning. I restarted Evernote, but it is still there. I can't access the buttons behind the big notes and tasks square.
  7. Today I received a solution from tech support and it worked for me: "Our investigations are indicating that many of the issues we are seeing with notebook performance are related to the default notebook on the account. To confirm if this is the case, please log into your account on the desktop web version of Evernote at www.evernote.com. Once logged in, please change the default notebook from its current one to a new one. Once done, log back into your account on Android and try and move a note again. It worked after I logged out my Android app and logged in again.
  8. You should expect this is a priority since this is one of the main functions in Evernote, moving notes to notebooks.
  9. Yes I have the OnePlus and so that seems not the reason for the problem since you have a google pixel
  10. I did it from my app. Settings - support. They replied quickly. The answer I received this morning was an instruction with the standard steps to move a note to another folder. Ofcourse I already did those steps and they didn't work. Do you have a OnePlus 5 too?
  11. Thanks for your answers. Uninstall / reinstall didn’t work. I will issue a support ticket.
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