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  1. Its working well during my first day of use when it sync from scratch... Then it will have problem when I start to create note or do copy and paste work.
  2. Its really important for me to view several notes with attachments without downloading it.
  3. I am using MacBook Pro 15 and 13 inch. One is having 512GB and the other one is 256GB. My Evernote library is around 35GB after 8 years of usage. I scan a lot of documents as work ref. The only way for me now is trimming the size of the database by reducing the quality of documents / photos on my Evernote account.
  4. May I suggest to have selectable Notebook download instead of the whole library. Sometimes we will work with device with less storage. It might be useful with selectable offline Notebook features.
  5. Synology is good for storing files but its photo album need lots of time to prepare the thumbnail of those images. Still looking for options to cater them.
  6. Thank you for the ideas, I used to distribute PDF file in years before I start to put everything in Evernote. I understand attaching a Word/Pages/PDF would enhance the format and layout for the materials but student need to open another software. but it would be an extra software opened during lesson. Now they will only need a Browser to finish everything and everything could be copy and paste easily. Thanks again
  7. May be let me explain my case a little bit more. i am using Evernote shared folder to share all the notes and materials to students. each lecture will be composed to around 2 notes, part 1 and part 2. Normally we will have Google Slides for theory based materials and then scroll down for materials with photos and instruction to do some hands on works. Sometimes we might need to scroll back up to search for something. If we could have an internal link would help them to do it more efficiently. I did think of create several notes to do this job but each lecture would r
  8. Is it possible to implement the link inside post so we could create a small index at the top of the page then we could jump down to the session we want immediately ? Thanks.
  9. Starting from today after yesterday Service patch My Mac and iOS device is not syncing well. 1 out of 3 syncing have error. Will it be related to service patch? DM message is sent to @EverNote Help Needed - on twitter too.
  10. As we will connect/use to external monitor in different resolution, it will be good if we could resize the card in card view. So we could see more notes preview in a monitor with lower resolution such as 1336 x 768.
  11. The syncing speed for the Evernote desktop app after migrated to GCP is slower than before. Is there any speed limit for user to sync with the server? Also, the connection with the server sometimes dropped. It happens every few days. Please advise what if the data transfer have limitation even for subscription users.
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