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  1. I also just joined the forum so I could throw my two cents in. I do devops/sysadmin work on a monitoring system for a very large cloud storage company, and I was going to write this huge paragraph about how many of us would love to use Linux as a desktop OS, but instead I just want to say that although I'm tied to Windows/OSX by unfortunate standards like MS Office, I prefer to use a linux laptop for taking notes and writing, and sometimes without half-decent internet access. If Evernote would even just build offline sync into the Chrome app, they would have another customer here. This is why I use Dropbox instead of Google Drive or even my own company's solutions for personal cloud storage, for example. I realize that regardless of how easy it would be to make, it may not be profitable to support and update yet another product. I don't know what the numbers are. However, even if there was an unsupported perpetual Beta version that never got an official release (cough google cough) you would at least be making another $45/year from me. Until then I'll continue using inferior products that are compatible with all of the platforms I prefer to use.
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