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  1. You can put "\space" to put spaces between words. I believe this is a LaTeX thing, not a Marxico thing. So just put "Cost \space Function".
  2. http://app.marxi.co/purchase.html I noticed a little icon in the top right by my username in Marxico. If you click it, it brings you to the above page. Looks like it will soon become a yearly subscription fee, and if you don't pay after the trail you can no longer add new notes (But can still edit previously created notes).
  3. Love your work, paid for Marxico Pro the second I saw you could... I just have one simple request, if possible. In the notes list on the left hand pane, I believe it only sorts them in the most recently created/edited ordering. I would love if I could sort them alphabetically, as I use it to type out my University lectures, and like to go back at later times to add/remove/view the notes. O Another (small) bug I noticed is that when I am typing fast and quickly hit cmd + B to start some bold text, occasionally the **strong text** will appear 10-15 words before, in the middle of the sentence. D
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