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  1. Well interesting developments. The update of Evernote on mobile has apparently taken away the functionality to turn the speech to text dictation on permanently and just have it continue to listen and transcribe. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised since that was only a functionality of the Android app anyway and couldn't be done in ios. I've since contracted with a few app developers to start working on creating one privately for myself at first to use and test and then perhaps some day release it. But we're actually trying to build one that has the ability to choose between multiple STT engines to find which one reacts the best to your voice - Google, AT&T or Apple?
  2. Thanks! Yeah I've got through a ton of possibilities - Evernote voice to text is fine but VOICE AND VOICE TO TEXT simultaneously is the goal! And I've done it with multiple devices as well, still clunky and inefficient. Google Keep is the closest thing but you can't stop talking or pause to think or it kicks you out and you end up having a whole bunch of little notes to piece together. But with Evernotes speech to text, it at least doesn't stop listening - my problem with it is that the little timer keeps running like it's also recording the audio but doesn't. Everything I've seen says that you "can record short clips of audio and have it also transcribe to text, but doesn't tell us what short means and doesnt solve the problem either. I use Dragon Dictate on my ipad as well - I've got 10 different solutions to do one thing well or a few to do both things for a few seconds but nothing that's reliable and capable of longer than a few seconds. Samsung Galaxy Note has a voice recorder with a setting for "Voice Note" that does the same thing for up to 5 minutes but the VTT part totally blows. Every day I literally spend at least 3 hours recording content to share with my staff, students, clients or publicly and to spend $150-$250+ a day to have the transcriptions done and then have to wait several days for them just kills me!
  3. hi everyone, I am desperate to find the solution and to find it yesterday. I am consultant and strategist and I also do a lot of writing for my clients. The most vital need in my business and for my daily procedures is the ability to both record audio and simultaneously transcribe the speech to text. I don't have the time to send out audio files to be transcribed, and being able to record the audio and send a reasonable transcription to my clients who can then listen through it and make whatever changes need to be Done isthe solution that I need. Please help!
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