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  1. I have a bunch of Skitch screenshots uploaded to the Web, and I noticed only today that they are all broken. They all had the skitch.com hostname: https://img.skitch.com/.../...19-q35tt35my6k76fefs3hg4fphuin.jpg And now it seems all of the hosted images use evernote.com URLs: https://www.evernote.com/.../.../8976-1d89-4b36-bvd98-10a2a43cd596/f80e2756aecef6612dac1e5ee873ef83/res/f93035fc-ff7d-4fa4-bce6-ec3b1f98308b/skitch.png I assume this is due to the Skitch/Evernote integration. It's very difficult for me to track down each broken image and re-create a new Evernote link. Is there any way to fix my old skitch links? Any other tips to fix all of my broken skitch links/images? TIA.
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