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  1. You said that "I logged in with my old account". Is it possible that you have two different Evernote accounts? Best thing to do is to login to the EN Web client at Evernote.com and see if your Notes are there. If you might have multiple accounts, try logging out of the EN Web client and logging in with other account email. With EN Mac Ver 6.0.5, your Notes should appear shortly after you upgrade, no more than 1 hour. The database reindexing might take a while, but you should see some Notes almost immediately. If no Notes appear, then most likely you have signed in with a different account. Hey Michael, Thanks for your help! It turned out that I did sign in with a different account, strange, because I did not remember signing up for another one. All my notes are still intact, thank goodness. Thank you again!
  2. I just updated my Evernote account on my Macbook to 6.0.5. After the update I logged in with my old account and found that all my notes over the past years were completely GONE!!! I hit the sync button several times but nothing happened. It treated me as if I was a brand new user. I already sent an e-mail to them, but I honestly don't know why this happened and if I'm able to get my notes back. This is really frustrating. I am hoping there is a way. Has anyone ever had this happen to you?
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