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  1. I haven't seen this clearly defined anywhere, but does basic image OCR still exist for free (and now Plus) users? In the past, more advanced files had always been Premium only, but basic image OCR was always free.
  2. Seconded! This poor app has seemingly been abandoned.
  3. And you always will be until EN hires a VP of Engineering who knows something about testing. Seconded. There's really no excuse for the Evernote 6.0.x versions to be so broken. If there we so many "big issues" then Evernote should have not released the new versions to the masses. And I don't think the excuse of "not finding" or "not knowing" about the issues really holds water. We are on version 6 of Evernote, if you don't have a suite of capable unit tests in place, then something is wrong...
  4. I concur with JMichael - I have lost faith. For me, Evernote used to be an enjoyable product to use. Now, I cringe every time I see a prompt for an update. Undoubtedly, it's the bugs, questionable/unfortunate design decisions, and "features" no one asked for that have trained me to hesitate before updating. Marcus mentions that they're "still working through a number of major issues" and I think this statement alone points to a problem with how software is developed and tested inside Evernote. Software with a number of major issues should have not been released to the masses in the first place. Not finding these issues before shipping reveals that the way software is tested internally is broken and should get more focus. Personally, I think the "strategic goals of the company" should be delivering a reliable, functional, and stable product - not worrying about fancy printers or socks. I'm not planning to stop using Evernote anytime soon, but the Evernote ship has holes and is taking on water. The more time you all spend rearranging the deck chairs and not plugging the holes is more time that I'm (and others I'm sure) are open to exploring alternatives. Evernote needs to focus on stability and reliability first. I understand that some software bugs are hard to find and reproduce but that's not an excuse for continuing to ship software that you know has problems.
  5. Seconded by another premium user.
  6. I hate to hear that Joe was let go. I wish someone from Evernote would comment on the status of Skitch just to let us know if it's alive or dead. Mac and iOS versions are buggy and frustrating to use and the Windows version has had the "aero-snap" bug since 2013. Evernote in general seems to be mismanaged - they don't communicate well, they don't listen to feedback, and they don't honor their commitments (I'm looking at you recurring reminders and enhanced security features). Sorry, don't mean to rant - I'm just frustrated that good products like Skitch and Evernote are being driven into the ground.
  7. GrumpyMonkey, thanks for the insight on where Joe went - I do recall reading his posts on the Skitch forums. He was very responsive at one point in time. If Joe got moved to Scannable, did anyone take his place as the Team Lead on Skitch? It seems Skitch is in some kind of quasi-hibernation mode. Any Evernote employees out there want to give us a quick sentence or two as to what to expect from Skitch this year (if anything)? I would have thought if Evernote were shutting Skitch down, they'd of said so in their post about ending support for certain products. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/01/20/evernote-end-support-hello-peek-blackberry-7-playbook/
  8. I am a big user of Skitch and I started wondering if it's still under active development. It has not seen any updates in a very long time. There was also the announcement of layoffs a few weeks ago which reportedly affected the head of a certain product. I may be mistaken, but I was under the impression that a large part of Skitch development was done in Austin. http://www.theverge.com/2015/1/7/7511183/evernote-lays-off-20-employees-globally-in-a-partial-restructuring Has anyone else had similar thoughts or perhaps have insider information as to what's happening with Skitch?
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