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  1. I'm using a samsung galaxy s3. I think i didn't sync my phone before I edit the note. I was in a hurry to jot down some an information i received and didn't check that that the note was updated or not. so when i fired up my desktop evernote, it downloaded the newest version, which was the one in the phone. thus causing my desktop version to be lost. i wish i could retrieve or revert my note to an older version, but evernote do not have versioning right? I will try to always sync my phone first before editting my notes. but that means i am relying on my very human ability to catch myself before i edit notes on the go. we humans makes errors and i wish evernote could update the mobile app to force update whenever a note is being editted. therefore removing the reliance on human action to ensure integrity. Or at least make sure that the notes appear in the conflict notebook.
  2. Hello, It seemed to me that if you edit a note in desktop and immediately edited a version in your mobile device, the stuff from desktop is gone. it didn't even appear in conflict change notebook. *sigh*
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