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  1. I've been more disappointed with each new version of Evernote, to the point where I am not going to renew my premium membership and I am actively searching for a replacement for Evernote. The addition of features like WorkChat and Slideshows only seems to be of use to a small population of users. It's obvious that Evernote is trying to make the application useful for commercial purposes, but they are doing so at the expense of its usability for the average client. The fact that each update further degrades the core functions of the application is a bit baffling, however. If I can barely take notes, make attachments work, etc. as an individual user, I sure as heck wouldn't be interested in using this product for my business. The only thing keeping me on Evernote is the hope that one of these updates will actually fix the product... and the fact that I have accrued a ton of notes and documents over the years. It's a shame that I'm considering abandoning a program that I have used on a daily basis for 3+ years (and that, once upon a time, I would often recommend to others).
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