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  1. Hi, At home I've returned to my default network settings and everything is still working fine. So the problem with synchronization could be some kind of "lock" on the server for a specific account AND it is related somehow with Network Address Translation in situation when translation is many to one (many private addresses to one public address). I think, that an additional condition for the "lock" bug is a presence of more than one computer with Evernote app running in the network. In my situation the "lock" happened in my home network (30Mbps Ethernet) and in my office network (>100Mbps Ethernet) as well. In my home network there are three laptops with Evernote app while in my office a tens of laptops with Evernote app may running. When I've "unlocked" my Evernote app by changing the IP address in my home network then in the office I was "unlocked" too. Summarizing: I think that for everyone with a similar situation there are two solutions. I don't know if you are familiar with networking, so I assumed that one solution will be "difficult" to some users, while the second one should be much easier: 1. The "difficult" one: Close the Evernote app and then change your IP address. For example if the DHCP server always gives to your computer address: then try to use any other FREE address in this network, for example: Then test your connection. If you can browse the Internet, then run the Evernote app. It should synchronize fine, and you should be "unlocked". 2. The "easy" way: try to use Internet in any new place - it should be a new place for your laptop, not for you But remember that an open, public WiFi hotspot is not the best solution because: - using an open, public WiFi is not a secure and recommended way of connecting to the network (unless you exactly know what you do) - potentially, you have a lot of new notes to synchronize, so the fast and reliable connection should be your choice. I hope it will help you. Regards, bmi PS I'm sorry for my bad English - I'm still learning
  2. OK, it works from my Office network as well. For me, the problem is related with the server side rather than the client side. Why?The App knows only the IP address of the server and utilizes specific TCP ports for communication. That’s all. The network infrastructure is not a problem too I believe, because it is doing its network job only. If you have in your local network many computers with Evernote App then when NAT-ing occurs then the traffic from specific computer (from the specific Evernote App) to the Evernote server is differenced on transmission port number.Maybe somewhere here there is an issue? I guess only, because I don’t know how the communication between Evernote clients and servers occurs.
  3. That's a big clue -- the issue must have something to do with your office network, ISP, and/or network settings on the PC. Great idea! I just changed my private IP address and it works! So it works at home now. Now I'm wondering if I just unlocked my app? Will it work at my office too? I will check tomorrow. Anyway, it is somehow related with network address translation I think.
  4. That's easy enough to test -- just turn off / disable the antivirus software and see if the EN sync issue persists. You might want to reboot or restart EN after you disable the A/V SW. I've disabled the security settings, and the problem persist. But from my experience, modern Internet Security Applications are very complex so in result any connectivity issues are hard to diagnose.
  5. Hello, I have this same problem but only on one laptop. On both I have Evernote app (274061) Public version. On both there is Windows 8.1, 64 bit. One laptop has Norton Internet Security - Evernote is not synchronizing. The other one has F-Secure Internet Security - Evernote is working fine. Is this possible, that this issue is related with antivirus software?
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