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  1. This is a technical issues not a payment issue. I have been a premium member for quite a while. The 3 free months is not actually 3 free months. What happens is Evernote gives points to existing Evernote premium users. My "class" of evernote user is not the issue. I have the "correct" notebook indicated during setup, etc. The stickers or the camera function within Evernote do not work. I plan to try with Evernote's new app Scannable to see if there is any difference
  2. My smart stickers are not working either. I am using Android tablet and iOS devices. Worked sort of the first time but then never again. Also does not catch the reminder selected at top of daily planner nor does it capture any handwritten notes like advertised. I have uninstalled and re-installed and still not working.
  3. I am using the Evernote planner and I made a calendar entry then I took a picture of it within Evernote. I noticed that there is a share option and Fantastical is an option. Can I assume that I can create a calendar entry from the note??
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