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  1. Two things: 1) When I insert a new latex section the display windows jump up to the top before coming back down to where I'm typing 2) Spell checking errors disappear when i stop typing
  2. Regarding the Latex functions, to what extent is it editable? If I have this: $$Cost function: h_\theta(x) = \theta_0 + \theta_1x \theta_0 = 1.5 \\ \theta_1 = 0 \\ h_\theta(x) = 1.5 + 0x = 1.5 $$it appears centered, and there is no space between the words 'Cost' and 'function'. I'm trying to place an SVG to the left of the equations, with proper spacing between words but I don't know how to achieve this. Like so: http://imgur.com/KRQN95R
  3. Hey gock, for some reason when I open the file list only some of the files list the notebook they're in, in green tag. I can get them all to show the notebook by manually putting back in the same notebook name to the note but then on re-login some aren't showing again Also, do you think you could add the source code (not obfuscated/minimised) to the purchase price? I guess this doesn't make sense if you're constantly updating it but there's a few rough edges I wouldn't mind fixing myself just go have the fix fast. Again, fantastic work - transcribing my notes to Evernote using Marxico then
  4. Hi gock, Firstly, thank you. I've been in dire need for an application like Evernote but it's limited functionality has stopped me using it. Now using Marxico it's finally perfect! One issue I'm having (hopefully not out of my own stupidity) is I've created a document with the following header @(Data Scientists Toolbox)[coursera] but the file just saves as a note in the default notebook, not a new notebook called "Data Scientists Toolbox". Using version Marxico 1.3.5 Any help would be appreciated. Also I look forward to supporting your work on this!
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