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  1. Hi All I'm a coach and have for each coachee a notebook which contains a note for every session. While coaching I'd like to have fast access in which notes a certain key words appear. E.g. John makes business with Paul. Over the time I mentioned this name in severeal notes. I'm creating a Save Search named "Paul" : [notebook:"John" Paul]I even add this Save Search to the Short-Cut bar.I repeate this for all the people, products or services or suppliers or ... there are in Johns business live. This makes it a fantastic tool while coaching to dig up information from e.g. last year about a certain say product. My problem now is that I have say 10 saved searches for each coachee. They are overcrowd the Saved Search List and the Short-Cut bar. Can I asign a Saved Search to a notebook so it appears in the Short-Cut bar and in the drop down list only if I select that notebook? If not is there a way you guys see I can accomplish this? Thanks a lot for any help. Martin
  2. Hi Thanks for youre reply. I will have to look into another software solution then. Cheers, Martin
  3. Hi All I'd like to use Evernote for my coaching work. After a coching session I write up my notes into the customer notebook. When I write a name of a person or company my coachee addressed I'd like to tag the name (in the text). Over time it would be very useful when I'd have a list of tags, could select one and get a summary of all text sections where that name was tagged. Searching after a name would not be helpful since I'd like to use it withhin a session and there it must be quick to be able to select form a list of tagged names. Also it would be nice to have alle names appear in a list, would jog my memory. Does anyboday have an idea how to achieve this? Thanks for your help. Martin
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