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  1. Nikki, are you trying to share a single note or a notebook? Do you want your readers to respond to you via Evernote? If it's a single note and you don't need the Evernote feedback loop then you can (on a mac) just share by email (Note/More Sharing). Despite the protestations from Evernote staff this really seems like a half baked feature. It depends on the day. I have single notes and Notebooks I need to share (the reason they are not all one notebook is most of the single notes are completely unrelated to each other and the notebook).
  2. I'm having the same issue. I have a gmail account that I use for personal use. This morning, in response to your question here on the forum, I tried to share an existing notebook with my own gmail account. It APPEARED to let me share it (the send button became clickable and I clicked it). Yet, as of an hour later, still NOTHING has arrived in my gmail mailbox. Then I created a NEW business notebook and shared it with my gmail account. This time, I can't share it with my same gmail address. The "send" button won't become clickable. The interface for Work Chat makes no sense at all. Presumably, the top half of the window shows you old chats? And the bottom part of the window shows "contacts." When I right click a notebook and select "SHARE" I can sometimes choose a "CHAT" and it will allow me to share. However, not ALL people in the chat window are able to be shared with! I have shared with my gmail account before with no problem, but today? No dice. I CAN however, share with ANY CONTACT in the bottom half of the work chat window. Can ANYONE explain this? It's straight up confusing. This work chat thing is supposed to work with free accounts too... I don't know what you are talking about with the contacts. All I know is that when I start a new chat, it only lets me go to outlook contacts (which I don't have) or type in an email address... Does Evernote have a contact book somewhere? (That would be nice... you know... to add people who create evernote accounts just to help you out..)
  3. Alright... Someone help me out please. I've been trying to get a chat to work. I am an author so I am using Evernote to collaborate with my alpha readers but none of them (who all have the Evernote program on their computers and accounts) seem to be getting my chats. What am I doing wrong?
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