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  1. Web related: #1: Repeatedly having to click a link as a frequent user creates frustration. New users will sign up, they don't need it to be the front-and-center call to action of the page to do so. #2: Landing page after log in should be the "Notes" page, not prompting you to create a new note. Notes, by their nature, are referred to more so than they are created. Mobile: #3: Clicking anywhere, as opposed to the icon in the lower right corner, should initiate editing a note. IDEALLY: wherever a user clicks within the note is where a cursor should automatically land, instantly opening editing mode in the spot clicked. I love Evernote, and correcting these 3 issues would make me love it even more! Please feel free to add an UX-related issues to this thread. If these have been mentioned before, I apologize in advance - mods, edit accordingly.
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