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  1. I added a note about how the Evernote tie-in works. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. There is Evernote tie-in via the Evernote API. Any notes you take in Mininote are stored in a "mininote" notebook in your Evernote account. The way Mininote uses the API to present notes this way is a bit unusual.
  3. Mininote is a command line app for Linux and Windows that makes it easy to capture and retrieve short hashtagged notes. Notes are stored in a "mininote" notebook in your Evernote account. The philosophy of this app is to be almost invisible so that you can capture notes with minimal mental task switching. Usually with Mininote, you add new notes instead of editing existing notes. The 'Tweet' style note format isn't suited for all types of notes, but I personally find it useful for collecting ideas, quotes, books to read, and other things that are essentially lists. It goes like this: Link to download and install is here on Github. Happy to hear any feedback!
  4. Ha, this is really cool! Sublime is my favorite editor. I might not use the web interface ever again... this is much more convenient. One thing that seems a little unnatural is having to select "update note" from the menu instead of Ctrl+S to save the changes.
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