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  1. Thanks, followed advice of uninstalling both Evernote app and widget, powering phone off, and re-installing both, but no luck. I've been using the widget to post receipt photos directly to Evernote as well as composing notes with text to voice. This is a serious flaw, making it much more difficult to post to Evernote. I hope it gets fixed soon.
  2. I just upgraded to Lollipop from Kit Kat on my Moto G 2014. Evernote and Widget were working perfectly, but the upgrade has resulted in repeated requests to install the Widget on my Home Screen. Have removed existing Widget and re-installed on home page repeatedly. No luck. Unable to post to Evernote. Help anyone?
  3. Evernote Widget refuses to work in Lollipop. Keeps asking to be installed on home screen, even though it's already there. I've removed and replaced it on the Home Screen without luck. Unable to create notes. Any ideas?
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