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  1. A quick update on this issue. My support ticket was forwarded to the developers, and it looks like the issue has been resolved in the latest version - 5.8.8
  2. Thanks. Since other suggestions have not worked until now, I went ahead and submitted a support ticket.
  3. Doesn't matter how I paste - Right-click, Paste or Ctrl+V - Same result.
  4. That did not work for me. I held down Ctrl while clicking 'Copy note link' . When pasting the link into another note, this is what appeared as the anchor text: evernote:///view/19130966/...
  5. I'm using Evernote Windows client 5.8.6. Previously, when I right-clicked a note and selected 'Copy Note Link', and pasted the link into a different Evernote note in the Windows client, the anchor text would be the Title of the note. I found this very helpful. Now, when I paste the link, I get a link that starts with https://evernote.com/...as the anchor text of the pasted link, instead of the note Title . I'm not sure exactly when this change occurred, but it's been hapening for me since a few previous versions at least. Any way for me to revert back to the old behavior ? (that is, anchor text of the pasted link should always be the Note title ) Thanks, Mario
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