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  1. See my interpretation of your suggested approach in the graph below. Can you help?
  2. I'm trying to bend my mind around this Evernote concept of hierarchy by tag, in order to see if I can convert hundreds of CarbonFin outlines to Evernote. Maybe you can help me make the transition. I have created a drawing, representing the (Stack, Notebook, Tags) approach that you have suggested but this forum wouldn't allow me to upload it. When browsing an outline system for notes about Car Loan for example, one would normally start from a larger category like "Private" note, then drill down to “Car” subnote> “Loan” sub-subnote etc. How then do you browse in Evernote? In Ever
  3. Well, I've been waiting for years to see nested sub-notes in Evernote. I started using outliner apps since the era of the Palm smart phones, and I have accumulated legacy notes with as much as 5 layers of hierarcal sub-notes deep. As of now, I use CarbonFin for iOS and Windows. I believe that it is the last of multi platform outliner apps. I'd feel better if they would charge a fee for their services in order to stay in business, but they are not monetized by any means that I can see: not by ads, nor by subscription. Any one who knows of a similar outliner, please advise me. As for Evernote, I
  4. Maybe an app developer is reading our conversation, and is planning to offer a combination of CarbonFin and EverNote in one new app. The outline approach might be a cognitive bias to those who work with tags daily, but outline is what has been used in table-of-contents for millennia. It's worth a chance as an opinion for the development of hierarchical order. A new productivity app is badly needed in data organization. C'mon Google are you listening?
  5. This approach would work for me if I were to start collecting notes now and expected to have just few dozens of notes at the most. But I've been collecting nested personal and business notes since Palm invented the first PDA. Since then I've migrated through four different platforms and apps combination. I hope to leave my family-notes as a legacy. For that purpose, a nested note system makes it easier and more intuitive to browse the notes without any preconception of a tag configuration. I currently use CarbonFin that works pretty well. Although it contains thousands of sub notes, it's not
  6. Same here. I use CarbonFin. It organizes limitless nested sub-notes or sub-folders and visually shows their relationship and hierarchy.. I'd like to switch to Evernote because CarbonFin does not allow graphics. But since I have accumulated hundreds of notes (like IT project outlines, clients requests/ resolutions) over the years, if I were to lose their relationship and hierarchy, I'd be lost in them. How can I be notified if Evernote develops an update that offers Nested Sub-Notes with Visual Hierarchy display?
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