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  1. I have similar issues, except that I only use a web version and an android app. I access web version from the same laptop and usually same IP address. My laptop and phone I am accessing evernote from are the same since some 3 years. Yet Evernote keeps coming up with a third device which I need to unsync and threatens to kick me out once I exceed the unsych limit. I can only think of this as a pretext to get rid of basic customers....
  2. Great - thank you! For some reason I was fixated on finding an inbuilt evernote function ).
  3. I have been using evernote for several years now, both premium and free versions, and I am yet to find a way to print the bloody notes out. My last attempt was on web evernote, and I had to e-mail it to myself first and then print. Anyone else experiences the same issue?
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