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  1. I tried cut and paste and open as HTML but neither work perfectly. I use nested bullet-ed lists often and I end up with extra bullets at the top of the list like below. The blank bullets are not in my evernote original. Any thoughts on what this is? I end up going in and having to delete a lot of lines instead of just doing a simple cut and paste and being done with it. this is my list List1List2List3 Nest1Nest2
  2. I agree this is a major problem, I have one note with 29 "Conflicting modification" lines with parts of the note replicated. They all are tagged with the same time. I would like Evernote to explain the different conflict techniques and how to work with them. I have identified 3: 1. Create a duplicate note and put "Note Conflict" in the subject, 2. Create a note in the Conflicting Changes folder, 3. Add "Conflicting Modification" line in the note and replicate part of the note within the note. There may be more I am not aware of, I only realized #2 and 3 recently. The documentation is very vague on all of these topics.
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