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  1. My problem with the new version is it is much harder to use, and it lacks a lot of features the old version has, such as Undo and select, Copy Paste, save to history, drag and drop on desktop, and many other things, plus all the features are hidden under a logo or sub menu, and you have to change all the time and it takes a lot more time.
  2. I have a 2019 Mac with Catalina, and I want the old version of Skitch on it. I tried the version and it stinks. When I downloaded the old version and try to open it, my Mac says it cannot find a program to open it. Can someone help? To be honest, I think Evernot should trash the crummy new Skitch because it has nothing to offer.
  3. Put a link on here to go back to the old version.
  4. Come on you guys, what the heck were you thinking by getting rid of the eraser and fill options? Why would you downgrade your app? Why did you ruin this app? Now this app sucks.
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