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  1. @gustavgi Found it with your help, thank you. It's a poor design if you ask me. Unlike every other Windows app where you right-click blank space to get the customization window, in Evernote you have to right-click an existing icon. If it had followed convention I think I would have been able to find it without assistance.
  2. I've been waiting a long time for the forward/back buttons on Windows mice to be supported but I was getting by with the forward/back arrows in the header. Now with Evernote 6 there is not even that option. How are users supposed to go back and forth between a couple notes without opening them into multiple Windows?
  3. My Logitech mouse has forward/back buttons on the side by my thumb that I can use in any number of applications to navigate around. Off the top of my head Internet Explorer, Chrome, OneNote, and Windows (File) Explorer all support this. Since Evernote already has forward/back UI buttons it seems logical and straight-forward to extend that feature to bind the forward/back mouse buttons to those UI buttons. Every day I instinctively use these mouse buttons to try to navigate Evernote and every day I get frustrated when it doesn't work. Thanks, Kevin
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