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  1. Having swapped out quite a bunch of images in templates from .png to .svg, which looked great on my desktop (OSX) I sadly noticed the .svg support doesn't stretch to iOS, leaving my templates looking very weird indeed and I had to swap it all back to .png.
  2. In my attempt to adopting a new GTD methodology I have recently spent quite some time planning and setting up quite a few tags in structural order within Evernote. As I was testing it all out I have, sadly, realised what is outlined in this thread. At first I couldn't believe this was the case, and that a parent tag does not list child tags (or that child tags does not inherit its parent), but alas, I notice that this apparently is a feature request that goes all the way back to 2008. It made me pull back my finger, which was hovering on the "Upgrade to Premium" button, as I now have to rethink the entire GTD strategy in my workflow, to see if EN really is the best tool for me. For what it is worth I therefore also would like to do a +1 on this request.
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