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  1. Thnx, your right , i think lighting was my issue at 0200 AM this morning.
  2. think im gonna go to walmart and test with my EN camera
  3. Anyone else still using post-its in evernote. I love post-its, and how they go right to the specific notebook. But now im having a hard time finding the colors that work like the long gone evernote post-its. I had a huge stockpile of them and moleskine notebooks as well but they were destroyed by an Ex. any ideas on equivalents, especially blue and green as they seem to be the hardest to duplicate, thnx Brett
  4. I'm currently using several elfinbooks , similar to Rocketbook, and they are holding up well. I snap images thru scanbot and send to Evernote.
  5. I agree, i brought the issue up in the beta forum.
  6. I know this is way late. my BrotherADS-1500W can be set up to send scans directly to EN in the format of your choice. Scans can also be sent to Dropbox, Box, Onedrive. You need a computer to set up the send initially. After being setup all you need is wife. It is cheaper than the rest of the scanners mentioned if that is a concern. You can also send the scan to your iphone. ciao brett
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