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  1. Hi Jay-Bob, Thanks a lot for looking at this. I work as a software engineer. To try and keep focused and also improve my time estimation abilities, I have a system which works as follows: 1) I write down my next take along with the time I expect to be able to comfortably complete it to a high quality standard. 2) I work on the task until it's complete or I am totally blocked. 3) I then highlight the task as follows: Green - I completed it before or on the estimated time, Orange - I completed it but I overran the estimated time, Red - I got totally distracted and didn'
  2. Hello, I am using Evernote for Mac with the Version 7.3 (456969 Direct), Editor: 50.0.5661 (caf8aad). When changing the colour of text, I would expect the boxes at the bottom of the colour picker to have a history of previous colours used. However, it seems it always remains empty. Am I misunderstanding what this bottom grid of squares is for or is it not working correctly?
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