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  1. It doesn't make sense at all. This early morning I did an screenshot without problems. Then it started to make captures only of the screen background. I restarted twice. I tried to remove and then give back the security permission (record screen). I have updated OS o version 11.6 and restarted again. Nothing works. I am going to try reinstalling.
  2. I did restarted skitch when I try to remove the permission, and did it again when I allowed the permission so I guess is not that. Only difference is that I have scheduled 11.6 for tonight update. But doesn't make sense (IMHO) that I have to update Mac OS, unless skitch has been updated recently. With very few hope I will try updating the OS. Thanks anyway
  3. This was working for me, and I use skitch a lot to take screenshots and annotate them. Today I have to restart my MBP M1 and skitch is only screenshotting the desktop not the real window. I tried restarting the mac, I tried removing the permission to screen recording and then allowing again but nope. Any clue or help what is going on? Thanks
  4. Just come here to say that export to PDF was a very used feature for me at least.
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