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  1. I want to add my voice to the hew and cry. I detest chat. Detest it completely. Here is why: From an earlier post: The only time you need to use work chat is to invite a fellow evernote user to collaborate on a notebook. This is 95% of what my team does. We use Evernote to record client notes, track status, document knowledge base materials, pre-prep presentations - etc. We collaborate via the note itself. And how many times in the past month do you suppose I've had to provide user support for my team when no one can figure out how to share a dang note anymore!!! I'm paying for this service every month for my team and this feature absolutely does not work for us because we're being forced to do something entirely counter-intuitive. I want it gone or I'm going to have to leave Evernote. I'm not the only user who feels this way. This feature is a huge fail. By all means, have a chat function - lots of programs do - but why in the world did it have to be coupled with sharing?
  2. I'm going to add my vote to business users who hate chat. I have zero use for chat. We use Podio for project management and have integrated Google apps with chat there as well. I have limited my team to ONLY Podio instant messages so we're not all going in a million directions. I did not want chat in Evernote. Can I say again how much I hate it? I tried to share a notebook today for a critical project and could not share it without using chat - and even then it felt entirely klugey and I wasn't ever really sure I had actually shared it. Then I got the whole "I thought we weren't using chat in Evernote" questions. Please, please, please make chat an optional feature and decouple notebook sharing from it. I may have to go back to OneNote (shudders).
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