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  1. I need to print the notes out in this format so I can study. Not really sure what to do at this point.
  2. No, for some reason when I select all the notes and hit command P only 3 notes show up...
  3. Not exactly sure what you are trying to do, but you can select a group of notes and print them to PDF and then print the PDF. Each note will start on a new page title included. What I usually do is select all the notes, right click, go to share, and then email all the notes to myself. Before I updated evernote, they would be sent all together, with all of the titles. Also, each note wouldn't have its own page, which saves space. When one note ended the next one would immediately begin with the title. I'm trying to figure out how to do this again, or something similar.
  4. I'm trying to print all the notes in a note book by e-mailing the notes to myself. However, when I do this the titles for all but the first selected note disappear. My question is: how do I print all the notes in a notebook such that they are in order and have their original titles separating them? This is for organizational purposes so I absolutely need all of the titles. Thanks for your help!
  5. AFAIK, EN "Find" (CMD+F) was designed to search ONLY in the active Note. If you want to search on multiple Notes, use the Search box (shortcut is set in EN Preferences) in the upper right corner of the EN window. You can search across all Notebooks, or limit to one Notebook or one Stack. The problem with that is the search bar in the top right hand corner only comes up for certain notes. I have no idea why there is this discrepancy. I have at least 3 notebooks that, when opened, the search bar in the top right corner disappears. And when I open the other notebooks that do have the search bar and try to add these three notebooks into a search, the program opens those notebooks and will not run a search in them.
  6. In older versions, if I used a command f search, and the term I was searching for wasn't present in the particular note I was searching, evernote would automatically search other notes for that term. Now it seems that I can ONLY search for a particular term in the note that I have open, and it is impossible to term search for particular terms within notebooks, or across notebooks. This severely depletes my ability to use the app, and to find terms in my extensive stack of notes. Or maybe I am just doing this wrong. Does anyone have a solution?
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