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  1. I wouldn't mind the roach motel aspect nearly as much if EN had any management features built in. Hell, I'd use it as a contact manager if it had normal, routine features in that regard. but what is the point of spending time scanning, and correcting, business cards if they are then useless?!?!
  2. The "feature" that lets you scan business cards into EN is really a fake-out, a non-feature, since the scanned cards cannot be used in any normal way one might use them or exported to a program that can. Its just data clutter. Seriously, does anyone from EN care to respond to this?
  3. Grrr is right. There is no normal, sane way to get contacts scanned from business cards via Evernote into any normal, usable format. I wish I'd know that before wasting my time doing it for 100-some odd business cards from a conference. What a non-feature masquerading as a feature this is! If evernote functioned as a contact manager, fine. But it doesn't so now I'm stuck manually redoing the work I spent quite a bit of time doing through Evernote. Seriously, if someone from Evernote could reply and tell me what use this feature is supposed to be without a proper export (.csv or .vcf wou
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