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  1. Where I think the developers and product managers at Evernote are having trouble is understanding that I want only one place to search for correspondence with my contacts - my email. If I had a discussion about a product design I sketched up in Penultimate, annotated in Skitch, and shared via Evernote, I don't want to have to search in two places for the discussion. I want to search my email. That's it. Can you imagine if there was separate chat in Excel and Word and Photoshop and Illustrator for every conversation I've had about documents from those applications? It's asinine and the height of hubris to assume Evernote would somehow be different enough to violate this core workflow. Devs, seriously - get rid of Work Chat. It doesn't work as intended, causes a great deal of user-confusion, and pushes people AWAY from your product. Stop trying to be something you're not.
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