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  1. Can EverNote handle this requirement ? 4. Create Notes - text based and voice based. Set priorities for same and assign to my colleagues. A best solution for notes in multiple ways, will be added advantage. Notes, with due dates and small reminders (not complex simple though). Example: I came across any article on web.. and will make a note using evernote.. catch screenshot of page/url etc. And will setup same to remind me after a week on specific time.. to check the same. Q: While making voice based notes.. (which i generally do).. can i only sync those voice notes to online account when i require (or when i get connected to wifi).. There are lots n lots of voice notes., I keep doing.
  2. Hello, I am very new to evernote. I have had few mobiles which gave me a years subscription but never tried.. Planning to give this tool a try.. I have few basic requirements, can evernote do this ? 1. I want to create reminders for things.. Example: a. Pickup kid from school @ 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday.. (I need a reminder on my mobile via a ringtone. at 3:55 PM) b. Goto Gym on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. (I need a reminder on my mobile via a ringtone/sound at 6:30 PM) 2. Create tasks + reminders Example: a. Go out for picnic on every Sunday. (need a reminder for this on Saturday evening around 8 PM and again a reminder on Sunday around 10 PM via ringtone on my mobile and via desktop app on Windows). 3. Create tasks a. To be able to create tasks and assign them various priorities. 4. Create Notes - text based and voice based. Set priorities for same and assign to my colleagues. My Prime requirement is an advanced task manager (which also supports reminders/alarms), and a Note Manager (with text and voice support). I am able to do same with my Note 3 mobile but various other applications.. Looking to integrate everything into 1, with web + desktop + mobile integration in 1 place. Please help with this few basics, as I am unable to understand how to use this software. Looking forward to explore more for few days. If I am happy, I will look forward for a business edition (including my senior team members).. with some advanced work we have. Regards,
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