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  1. Update: I'm seeing newly missing images. Both screenshots from macOS and iOS snapshots. I have an open ticket re this and am providing activity logs to support.
  2. Yep Gunna do that. Upgrading allowed me to retrieve the images for the older notes which lost pics when moving to a new notebook a moment ago. The more recent notes are not showing previous versions, so there's nothing to restore. The upgrade wasn't a solution for these. Thanks Much -;)
  3. Yes. I'll probably upgrade the subscription at least for the month to see if that would allow me get the pics. The alarming thing, however, is more have gone missing. I just created a dedicated folder for tax notes I've been working on. After transferring them to the new folder half the notes (about 5 notes in total) lost their images. That worries me.
  4. Apologies. macOS Beta. App version 6.9 (updated yesterday). & iOS 10. Latest version. I check online and the images are also missing there. The missing pics were document snaps taken via iOS and some jpg's from the web. The web images I can download again, but the documents I don't know if I can get access to re-take them.
  5. PS...the images just disappeared, without my updating or editing the notes.
  6. A number have notes from the last couple of days no longer have images. I've seen previous posts recommending to check the history and revert to a prev. version, but as a PLUS user, that doesn't appear to be an options. Are there alt. methods of recovering missing images?
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